Playing the dating game can be very risky, you know, with all the dating apps people use these days. First dates can be nerve wrecking especially because you never really know who you are about to go out with and if you’ve also heard dating horror stories like the one am about to tell you. See ,I don’t think anyone exists who has not had a good bad date story at some point. I’ve had a fair share of bad dates myself, So grab a strong drink and revel in my misfortune. Laughing is allowed, don’t shy away.

I met this guy online, yes,online, lol. He had hit my inbox,so first I stalked his profile .wait , every girl does this,right? Like when someone in boxes/ DMS you,you first check there profile and from there you know whether or not you’ll reply. Well,I did that, and something caught my eye. He was an advocate, as per his job prescription and his wall was full of political/law/leadership stuff. Well,am studying law so this seemed interesting. I texted back, we exchanged numbers. We started talking and texting then after some time, he asked me out on a date. I agreed, I mean,free food,wine and conversation never killed anyone.

He was to pick me up at 7:30 pm on a Friday ,in his ‘ride’. So at exactly 7:30 pm,he was outside the gate of where I stayed and he calls me. I wasn’t ready though because I was indecisive on what to wear.(girl problems). I told him to give me 15 more minutes of which he agreed. It never occurred to me that it had pissed him off ,that’s until I went down to meet him. He was obviously pissed,it showed all over his face,I mean,he couldn’t even conceal it. I noticed other things too,like,the pictures he had sent me and those on his social media didnt accurately reflect the way he looked.(Hey ,I don’t judge people by the way they look).He was very short so when we hugged,his face went directly into my chest. No problem….. except he wouldn’t let go,he just kept his face there.

We got into the car and drove off. He didnt ask me where I preferred to go because ,apparently, he wanted to take me to this one place off Kiambu road. His driving was so wreck less,I mean REALLY bad. He drove like he was running from the police, then stopped at some place and made me wait in the car for 15 minutes. Mmmh! He comes back,no apology he just starts driving. I was glad when we reached our destination in one piece. It was some club whose name I won’t mention because I have nothing good to say about it. First of all, who takes a girl to a first date in a club. To make matters worse,the DJ was playing filthy music,the place was full of old people, trust me,one could easily confuse it for a home for the elderly, no offense. I just kept cool,or as the millennial say, I ‘maintained’ because I didn’t want to seem rude.

He asked me what i wanted to drink and i said wine . Then he’s like, “why not whisky, you should drink whisky blah blah” ,he insisted and insisted but i stuck to wine. He ordered beers for himself. At some point ,the waitress confused orders and he was very rude. He shouted at her,embarrassing her and created a whole unnecessary scene. I tried to calm him down and he said I reminded him of his mother….like it was a good thing.(rolls eyes” .He was one arrogant man with an ego the size of Russia. He wore dark sunglasses throughout the entire date and talked about himself the entire time. He kept interrupting me ,so rude! Then ,after 20 excruciating minutes of his endless self praise and his love for reptiles ,he starts torturing me with stupid/awkward questions like, ” so,do you like sex?” “Can you have sex on a first date?” like seriously? Ooh ,wait for it,he started being touchy while pretending to be drunk .Dude?! Which man gets drunk after 2 sips of tusker cider, wait, are men even allowed to take Tusker cider. My dear people, I have seen things….’sighs’

At this point ,I was so done with him. I needed to be far more drunk for this shit so I chugged that wine like no one business. I got tipsy, just enough to deal with him. I had lost my patience and I was PISSED, I could no longer maintain. So when he tried to touch me again, I slapped his hand off so hard. I gave him a piece of my mind, I was like “I’ve had enough, I don’t like you ,I don’t like this place and I’m off.” I grabbed my purse, stormed out,(just like in the movies) I called a cab ,left and I’ve never spoken to him again.

Some dates can make you want to be a nun. Am sure some of you have had it worse than me though,,let’s share in the comments!

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62 thoughts on “DATE FROM HELL!”

  1. Haha.. Now this was quite an experience. It was wise for you to leave early. Everyone should be more careful about online dating because most of them turn out in to a really bad experience

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  2. I read all your articles. Must say, this is the best written Activist, Womanist, Feminist Blog I have ever come across. You drive the points home and it hurts, where it should. Keep posting. Awareness, Blasphemously boldness should shake our society against women exploitation. Regards. Jay

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    1. Wow ,THANK YOU for your kind words and for always taking your time to read. It means so much to me,and I’ll keep at it…❀❀❀

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      1. I understand, not to worry… I can open your site using the link in my email until you get the issue dealt with… have a wonderful day today, and every day!… πŸ™‚

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  3. So he was pushing you to drink whisky but got himself some weak ass beer? πŸ™„ Good for you for saying no and walking out, he sounds like he needed a reality check haha

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  4. Wow!! That is one for the books for sure! I had never been married until a year ago when I was 49, and I also have a list of the bad ones leading up to.
    Keep the faith, beautiful. Your prince will find you and you will live happily ever after. Meanwhile, keep doing you! You’re awesome!! xoxo

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      1. Yes, standing at your front door looking into your home, the furthest corner to the right back is the relationship corner. Clean and tidy, remove and electrics if possible, place a red envelope with a note to the universe describing your best mate. Can be any details you like and be specific. My new husband found mine, at least 10 yes old, and brought it to me. β€œThis is me??!!” What did you do? His words. I am the happiest ever!! xoxo

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      2. Yes, it was in the drawer. I removed the microwave coffee grinder and coffee maker and put in a sculpture and two joy bowls and forgot about the note. β™₯️ Thank you for your happiness!! You can do this too!! xoxo


  5. I am too old to have tried online dating, but hear so many awful stories about it these days.
    You did the right thing, storming out. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Ah youth! There is no way I would have given my address to someone I had not met. Maybe I’ve watched to much special victim unit. Each experience IS a lesson. “A wise man (or woman) learns from the mistakes of others…” All the best

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  7. At first I was laughing, but I started to read, and I had to double check that it wasn’t me you were talking about (or had dated before), haha. Actually on first dates, I prefer to meet up, I drive like I’m being chased, I did wait a couple dates later till my date was ready, I never bring up sex, I take off my sunglasses, I prefer whisky over wine, and yea, an eff’n club!!?? I prefer a place where we can talk, so that I can see if I can annoy you…. if I do, I make my paper mache version of you instead.


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