Hallo my lovely readers,

TRUTH: I had my first sleepover with a dude after i joined campus,and honestly? It was equal parts of exciting and awkward.

For all of my childhood/teenage life, i never hosted or attended any sleepovers. My parents were super strict and the only place i was allowed to spend a night away from home was at my grandparents place. Does that count as a sleepover? Am not so sure.

So this guy and i had been on a few dates and he one day asked me if i could sleepover. I wasn’t so sure about it,i mean,I was no where near ready to be seen looking like a ‘hot mess’ in front of him. I am not one of those girls who wakes up with great hair and cute sleepy eyes.(Is anyone? Please say no). The whole idea of sleeping over at his place freaked me out. Sure, i wanted to try it,but what if I snored?(and i think i do because my roommate says so), what if i talked in my sleep or,even worse OMG ,what if i was a sleepwalker? Anyway,I knew i couldn’t keep running away from my fears,plus,I was totally into him so i agreed to sleepover at his place.

When i got there,i was really nervous but he tried his level best to make me as comfortable as possible. By the way, I am a very shy girl and things can get really awkward on my part. Do you know that i couldn’t even eat well because i was afraid that he would maybe judge my eating habits. Is that weird? He had cooked my favourite dish and it really bites me to date that i didn’t eat much.

Since i am not an erotic blogger, I’ll skip some details…lol. Once we were ready to go to bed,he offered to give me something to sleep in. I had pictured myself looking sexy in his oversized button down, but i got his college jacket and oversized sweatpants. I am not complaining,it’s just that it wasn’t the look i was going for that night. I attempted to fall asleep and trust me,it wasn’t an easy task. It was kind of awkward because he was a cuddly sleeper but I on the other hand needed at least six inches apart.

At 6am ,i made a trip to the bathroom. Remember that scene in bridesmaid where Kristen wiigs character wakes up and does her makeup, then pretends to have woken up looking perfect? You know,”i woke up like this,FLAWLESS” (I am really hoping and praying that y’all have watched this movie). I did exactly that. I touched up my eyebrows,gargled about 2 cups of mouthwash and even put little lip gloss on,then went back to bed.

But in the morning, i realized that this guy didnt seem to care about how “perfect” i looked. He opened his eyes,smiled and kissed me,aaaww. Then something clicked, he didn’t care if i looked like a mess or barbie,he still liked me the same. I have to admit though,that i did that stupid little routine for at least a month after that first night. But finally, I started feeling more comfortable ,sleeping well and not worrying about what I’ll look like in the morning.

Am curious,how was your first sleepover experience? Lets share in the comments!



32 thoughts on “THE SLEEPOVER…”

  1. First off, Yessss – I did see Bridesmaids, like a million times; that’s one of the funniest movies to date, outside of Girls Trip. I too was like you, I didn’t have sleepovers when I was younger, my mother didn’t trust other people…lol, it definitely had to be with someone she knew – otherwise we were home bodies. Your post was really funny, really enjoyed it!

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  2. Well first of all….are you mad? You’re freakin gorgeous! Secondly, nope. Granted, I have a scary side but when I wake up…it’s a whole other level…plus, I don’t even understand english until 2 deep coffee.
    I laughed reading this, remembering the first night with my, now husband. We dated long distance for nearly a year and would meet half way, and because we had not been intimate, we had seperate rooms. The night of our first …all those same things ran through my head plus, I have a nervous stomach, what if I have gas!!!! OMG!
    After a while of him laying there, breathing deeply, asleep….I slipped like silk, from the bed. Fishing about in the darkness for my clothing. I dressed with ninja like silence, picked up my shoes began tiptoeing away. As I reached the end of the bed…”Where are you going?” Startled into nearly losing my bladder, I dropped my shoes and fell back into the bed. He died laughing at having watched me through the whole process. I died laughing too. That was our first night together. He kept his arm around me for the rest of the night though. Lol

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  3. wow what a piece. I was jealous at some point don’t ask why but you caught my attention and I was lost, i was curious at every point what was gonna happen next.Gotta admit though the errotic part the suspense!!

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  4. Your scenario reminds me of the scene in “Torch Song Trilogy” when Harvey Fierstein’s character behaves in a similar manner during his first night with Matthew Broderick’s character.

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