There are certain things in this world that i am good at. Hell,even great at. I am a good cook. I like to think I’m alright at putting outfits together. I can paint my nails really well and i don’t even care if that doesn’t count because MAN ALIVE have i seen some car-crash manicures in my time.

One thing i am totally,utterly and unbelievably terrible at is dancing. I have two left feet. It’s kind of strange because almost everyone in my family can dance and most of my close friends have really good moves.Many people have tried to teach me some few moves,most recently my younger brother but I just don’t get it. I have no rhythm ,I literally just do step-and-jump. This has earned me a nickname “stiff Trizah” Dancing is so hard, like how do y’all even do that? Sorcery? Most people never believe me when i tell them that i can’t dance,because I apparently “look like I can dance” well,at least I have “the look”right?

It gets awkward when I attend social events and most especially in clubs. When everyone is busy dancing,you know,dropping and picking it (get it? ) I am always just there,and on my phone. But when I have a drink ,something magical/terrible happens. A friend of mine once took a video of me dancing in the club and showed it to me later on when I was sober. *sighs* It was crazy. Picture this; All my limbs want to extend at right angles and windmill around,much to the detriment of anyone in the vicinity. My hands go mental. I am punching the air and kicking my legs out and not GIVING A HOOT. In the video,everyone was just staring at me like I was demented. It was then that I realized that I committed crimes against dancing.

I refuse to think that maybe i am ‘BEAT DEAF’, a brand new disability which can be defined as the inability to coordinate your movement with something or a beat you hear. Scientists do believe that it’s the reason why some of us can’t really dance. They say we all have a little dancer in us ,but mine is a really,really tiny one.Anyway, I’ve been thinking about taking dance classes, especially salsa and tango. I’ll give it a shot ,this girl ain’t going down without a fight.

So,are you a bad dancer like me? Or,is there something you are really terrible at but you are willing to learn? Lets share in the comments.



19 thoughts on “TWO LEFT FEET..”

  1. The only “bad” dancer is the one that sits on the sidelines and don’t dance… 🙂 You are you, there is no one else like you, no one can dance like you so you just go out on the floor and you “GO”, girl…. 🙂

    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”.

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  2. Salsa and especially tango are not the easiest dances to start with. How about Zumba? That’s great exercise for the coordination of arms, legs and hips. What you do with that afterwards on the dancefloor, is completely your own choice … 😉 … that’s nobody else’s business.

    I suck at competitive sports or games. I have no motivation to do things better than other people just for the sake of being better.

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  3. Naw, I don’t believe you are a bad dancer. If you have fun, that’s a fun dancer. If you mean you aren’t a professional and wanna learn the moves, yes, take dance and be patient with yourself. Don’t think about how you look, just listen. My music teacher told me, we can all sing, we just don’t have the confidence. She doesn’t believe in “tone deaf” or beat deaf… unless you have a real hearing problem, and even deaf people can feel and find rhythm in a throbbing dance floor and then move to the vibrations. I think you are just shy and definitely don’t give up. But you know, pace yourself ‘cuz you don’t wanna injure yourself being all ambitious to a Drake song jumping out of a moving car or anything! 🙂

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  4. If it really matters to you, you should try practicing at home. It’s fun, and that’s how I got confidence dancing. (I still can’t dance… I just have more confidence about it… if that makes sense, haha)

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  5. Your post really made me laugh. As a middle aged fat man no one expects me to be able to dance. And I do not disappoint. I’m terrible. I still do though. At parties, gigs, in my kitchen with my dogs. All those years practice and not a clue. You do you.

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