2018!*sighs* It has been a crazy one,an emotional rollercoaster full of ups and downs. This has been the toughest year yet, for me, I don’t know about you. Lets review my year bit by bit, grab a strong drink ,most probably a vodka!

First, let’s talk about my 2018 RESOLUTIONS. For most people, if not all, the advent of a new year means big promises to take big steps towards achieving dreams, or changing some aspects of our lives. Eleven months earlier I had scribbled out a list of goals for 2018, one of which was penned in bold at the very top:SOBRIETY! I wanted to stop drinking in 2018, to become sober, but whooa,it only became worse. Honestly, I don’t even think I tried to stop. It totally skipped my mind until a few days ago and now I’m totally rethinking this whole resolution thing. I mean, what is the point really? New year’s resolutions become faint memories as soon the festivities are over anyway.

Now on to the kind of RELATIONSHIPS I’ve had this year. Oh God! I’ve attracted the most toxic human beings this year. It’s like I have a high affinity to toxic people. I’m literally a magnet that keeps attracting toxic people . To be fair, I do have some toxic traits too, maybe to someone, I am the toxic one but still! Anyway, I’ve lost friends this year, many and it was partly my fault and it’s OK. And oh, I’ve been an emotional mess, actually cried the most this year,trust me,the tears I have she’d are enough to last me a lifetime,and it is OK.

SCHOOL!! Whooah,it has been tough this year. I think law school is another name for hell, seriously. This year, many things haven’t worked out academically, for a minute their, it had me doubting my potential,if I’d really make it through law school, If I’m smart enough for this career. Too many ‘ifs’right? I just hope it gets better next year.

Enough of the pity party! 2018 hasn’t been all bad. There were really good moments, I met some really nice people too and made new friends. I actually went for my first ever road trip with some really cool friends from my school. It was great! I actually think this is the highlight of my 2018.We visited so many beautiful places and it was mad fun. I’ll actually make a separate blog post for it soon. Below are some of the pictures from the trip.

Isn’t it crazy how we can look back a year ago and realize how much everything has changed? The amount of people that have left your life, entered, and stayed. The memories you won’t forget and the moments you wish you did. It’s crazy how all that happened in just a year. Personally, I don’t regret anything that has happened in 2018 because I’ve learned so many valuable lessons that have helped me grow. I’ve been knocked down so many times but I woke up each time, dusted off and moved on! I’ve learnt from my mistakes and bad choices,and most of all, I’ve learnt that tough times do not last forever and that it gets better. Maybe 2018 has been cruel at some point but 2019 is here, a chance to make it right, an opportunity to work on your dreams. Cheers to 2018! A year of lessons and growth!

I want to appreciate all of you my lovely readers. You are my motivation and I pray we all achieve our dreams come 2019. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

What are some of your 2018 highlights? Let’s share in the comment section.

Randomthoughts ❤


12 thoughts on “2018 IN A NUTSHELL!”

  1. Hi, Trizah! I wish you an all around great 2019, negative stuff comes by itself … 😉 … we don’t have to wish for it … 🙂
    One highlight of 2018 was the week on Malta in February, and another, an ongoing and developing highlight is the fact that my husband and I started to play music together. It is so much fun! A third, and also an ongoing highlight is the shaping of my new garden.
    Age and ailments can run and jump into the nearest lake, who cares … 😉

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  2. Thank you for sharing a part of your world!… have a Happy New Year and hope your dreams come true, each and every day is filled with happiness and the new year is all that you wish for it to be!.. 🙂


  3. What you said definitely resonated. Beautiful pictures! Happy New Year and lets hope 2019 is a year that brings us more joy and things to be grateful for than not. I think we could all use a really wonderful year don’t you?!


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