Seriously, is it just my campus life that is boring or is it like that for everyone? I’ve refused to accept the fact that campus is not all parties ,freedom and fun as people have always made it out to be. I thought it would be like in campus TV shows, but it is nothing like that, not even close, or maybe it’s my school that is just not fun.

My younger brother finished high school last year and he was so excited, even more than I was. He didn’t give us breathing space, but to be fair, his highschool experience was hell so I kind of get why he was so ecstatic. He wanted to join campus so bad. He couldn’t wait. I’m his mind, he had pictured University as a heaven of some sort and I had to give him a reality check. Let’s get right into it..

So, let’s be honest, most people are thrilled on the idea of joining campus because of the freedom that comes with it. Personally, throughout my highschool life, I never had any freedom whatsoever. No sleepovers, no night outs, no day outs,not even night vigils people! I couldn’t even go to church at night! CHURCH! My parents were (they still are) very strict and my dad would call me to pass him the television remote every five minutes just to make sure I was around. I craved freedom and oh, I got it when I joined campus but the excitement was short lived. Believe me, too much freedom is boring. you’ll eventually get tired of being able to do whatever or go wherever without anyone trying to stop you. I kind of miss restrictions, that is where the thrill is. I mean, if I want to do something like go out at night and their is no one to try and stop me, what’s the point really? What is the point. I’d rather just sleep in then. Plus too much freedom can be dangerous too if you can’t control yourself, you may end up messing up, big time.

We were all told how campus life is easy, how you can do whatever you want and get away with it, how you don’t have to attend classes or even write notes but what they forget to tell us is that their is a catch! It’s a trap. OK fine, yes you can carry your phone to class (but keep it silent and don’t use it when a lecture is on going ). What’s the point, you can as well just leave it home.

You can bunk classes, no one will stop you(but make sure your attendance is at 75%) In as much as no one will stop you if you want to miss classes, you will sure as hell pay for it so just go to school dear!

You can choose not to study at all,fine (but just as long as you pass.) You obviously cannot pass without studying so this is not even an option at all.

If you ask me, my highschool was much better than my campus life, way more fun especially because of all courses, I decided to take up law. Here there are no choices, it’s either you study or you study, period. You can’t even go out in peace and have fun because the many assignments. I’m not trying to scare anyone though,campus is fun yes, but it’s not all that, their is just as much reading as in highschool, if not more.

How was your campus experience, let’s share in the comment section.

Randomthoughts ❤


  1. While I did allow myself to be involved in colleges groups like gospel choir, university & chamber choir; creative writing club, and the campus newspaper, I didn’t go crazy like attend parties or do anything that would get me in trouble or hurt my grades. There is more freedom in college than there is in grade school but one should not abuse that freedom. Have a little fun, yet focus on getting that degree(s).

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  2. Hm, I understand your craving for freedom, but university is for getting an education, is it not? I mean, you can party all you want, but it won’t get you anywhere, because you will fail your exams. Do you have to pay an annual fee for your studies? Because that makes it worse, does it not, especially when the parents are paying … 😉


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