I’ve woken up to write these because I am too scared to sleep. Every time I try to close my eyes, all I can hear is that narrators voice. I’m sure you are wondering what narrator I’m talking about,well, I was on YouTube earlier today watching some videos,I really don’t know how I found myself clicking on a video with the title,”Paranormal activities caught on camera!’ This title is creepy enough to scare someone,but I decided to watch it anyway. Normally, I’m not one of those people who love watching this creepy YouTube conspiracy theories. I stay away from them like a bad disease, Ebola to be exact. The only thing this videos manage to do is scare someone,they can make you doubt your entire existence and even convince you the world is ending tomorrow. They’ll make you go to church, repent all your sins and if you are a very weak soul, some of those videos may just convince you to give out all your properties and live in the streets because as they say,’real reaches are stored in heaven,not earth.’ You don’t believe me? Try watching the video “proof the world is about to end.”

Anyway, I clicked on the video about paranormal activities and immediately regretted it. Oh wait, for those who are not following,I forgot to elaborate on the phrase ‘paranormal’,my bad. It refers to things that science cannot explain,like mystic powers, clairvoyance and even ghosts. On this particular video, the narrator was talking about and actually showing ghosts that were caught on camera,that is in photos and videos. Wow! Woow! Who knew ghosts can be captured by a photographers lens. Like seriously? Aren’t they supposed to be invisible? The narrator was so sure of what he was saying, you know pointing at the ghosts on the photos and in the videos. I’m not sure if they were really there or if my mind really just wanted them to be there. I was so scared and you know with this videos it’s really hard for one to stop watching. It’s terrifying you,you know you want to stop but then again you still want to watch so you just keep going and going until you start seeing and hearing things. After the video came to an end, the next one was about time travellers, *shakes in fear*. We will discuss time travellers next time but today,lets talk about ghosts.

Do you believe in ghosts? Or ,let me rephrase that, have you ever seen a ghost? Well,I have never seen one and I’m not planning on seeing one. It’s not on my bucket list. I personally have never met anyone who comes out clearly to say they have seen a ghost ,ever! People are always like, “ooh,my aunt saw a ghost”or “my distant cousin saw one too” “my stepmother used to live in a haunted house,with ghosts!” I never met with that aunt,or cousin or stepmother to actually confirm the stories.

There is this one time my best friend Shad and I were hanging out at his place,drinking wine and we were watching some horror movie whereby some kids were playing with an ouija board and accidentally summoned some ancient spirits/ghosts. I don’t think the spirits were very happy to be summoned. I think they were woken from their afternoon nap because,boy,those were very angry spirits. My dear people,never summon things that don’t want to be summoned. You should at least consult first,plus some of you should stop waking people from their afternoon nap.

Shad and I decided to do our own summoning because as it turns out,this guy has an ouija board! I mean,what are the odds? Right? What are the odds that someone actually owns an ouija board? We took the board ,placed it on the table and did all the things we saw the kids in the movie do. We wanted to summon geniuses, Einstein to be specific. We were hoping he would instill his knowledge in us if we succeeded,and pythagoras would be next then maybe Medusa(I’m not sure why we needed Medusa). We muttered the exact things the kids had,, ‘ooh Einstein, we call upon thee, we children of….” Well,nothing happened,so we decided to change tact and summon him in Latin language. Why Latin? If you’ve noticed in most witch movies , spirits are summoned in Latin or some language that sounds like Latin? We assumed that’s the only language spoken in spirit world. It still didnt work. We were not disappointed though,quite the opposite,we were kind of relieved because can you imagine if it had actually worked and we had a room full of ancient and angry spirits all to ourselves?? God forbid..*makes the sign of the cross.”

Do you believe in ghosts? Ever seen one? Lets share in the comment section.



  1. I have never seen a ghost– but on one occasion I do remember taking a picture and there was like a fuzzy orb/spot off to the side… and on multiple occasions I’ve heard faint laughter when I was the only one at home and no TVs on.

    That said– I have seen some paranormal activity. I used to work at a fast food restaurant & the managers always joked that the place was haunted. Well I guess this ghost decided to prove its presence…

    The way it was set up, you had the lobby, the food prep/cash registers, an open doorway that led into the back room. Sink/fridge/office/ice machine. On this particular day– all 3 of us were standing up at the counter where registers were. All of a sudden the ice scoop comes flying across the room into the entryway. And I’m not talking fell off the ice machine and slid– I mean it went up into the air and then landed. Again– just us 3 all in the front area talking about this ghost/haunted place.

    They also say if you suddenly feel a chill or feel like someone is watching you it’s likely a spirit.

    My rule of thumb is to believe that ghosts are real so when some bad paranormal activity happens I’ll be spared.


  2. My boyfriend and friend have never seen a spirit. They have told me numerous of times, they never want to. As they put it “I would pee myself if I ever did!” Tho they both have said they have heard noise yet nothing is there. The smell of Rose’s will fill my friends house from time to time. Which I have told them is a spirit trying to get their attention.
    I kind of chuckle when my boy friend or friend will ask me if there is anything around them. The thought of a spirit around them scares them.


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