Hallo readers! It’s been a minute, sorry but I’m here now.Growing up! An extreme sport! It’s like climbing the Everest without the proper gears! You might actually freeze to death. I don’t mean to scare you but it’s true.I turned 22 a couple days ago. I’m a woman now! You know I always thought I’d have everything figured out by 22 but it’s the total opposite. Adulting is difficult! How did you all do it? I’m curious.I just wish life came with a manual or something.So let me update you on anything and everything. No filters!By the way, excuse my exclamation marks, they are there for effects.So let’s get into the mess that is my life!First up,

CAMPUS/SCHOOL/EDUCATION umm everything is working out better than I thought. I’ve complained about law school for the longest time but I’ve actually blended in . I’m comfortable and I love it. I think law is something I could actually practice. Yes it’s challenging but it’s so interesting,that is if you are a Sapio and a geek. I’ve turned into a geek. A year ago I didn’t even know which floor my schools library was but nooow, it’s my home….I practically live there….not complaining at all. I love it. Lets move to the next issue before I bore you to death with law.

FRIENDSHIP!I’ve learnt alot my darlings! Never lose a friend over petty issues…WAIT! You know what? SCRATCH THAT !!!If you have a permanent eraser use it now coz it’s an emergency!! Let me be honest.Peace of mind is the most important thing! If a friend really messes you up,forgive them but don’t let them back in. Drop them.
Be selfish , because if you don’t look out for your peace of mind, no one will.You have to realize that everyone is the center piece in their own story, so they’ll make decisions that might hurt you because you’re just another cast. You are your own center piece..Im not sure if I’m the person to be giving this advice because I’ve not been the best of friends .I’m still learning and in as much as I think friendship is important, do not acaccomodate toxic friends! Yes wish them well, let them eat BUT on their own, not on your table.Forgiiive..dont forget….just move on.But with all that said, I have a childhood friend called Gacheri, She is an amazing person. She is the true definition of girl power! Keep winning girl! A woman who holds another woman down is the prettiest . Period!

RELATIONSHIPS!Like I always say, “whoever bewitched my love life, I’ve learnt enough lessons so please raise the voodoo.” I’ve always attracted the toxic ones…I’m some kind of spark to them but I’m over it. Relationships are haaaard! It’s like an inexperienced swimmer trying to dive in salt waters (Indian ocean to be specific) It needs a risk taker, and commitment on another level. I know they say love ain’t enough but it is…..if you add commitment in the mix! Careful who you sleep next to! I still believe in love though, and the Eiffel towers ( Shad, 4 years).

ABOUT FAMILY..People! Get close to your families. At the end of the day, they are all you got. My sister and I were not as close as we are supposed to be but we’ve been talking about it and it’s getting better. I love you Nancy.Then about my younger brother Emmanuel , I love you so much. Thank you for saving my life. Ok, I don’t want this story to be one sided so I’ll tell you about it! There is this time my siblings and I got into an accident and my loving brother literally carried me to the nearest hospital in his arms! In his fucking arms (excuse my french) onlookers were there taking videos for the gram but my brother carried me to the hospital. There is a man who helped him to carry me but I dont remember him well , wherever you are , I wish Gods grace on you! THANK You for your kindness.I’d like to stop there…I could go on but I don’t want to bore you my lovely readers! One thing I can tell y’all is that life has no script!!! Live it however you see fit….we only live once so let’s make it worth it. Love your life, don’t worry about tomorrow… day at a time.I wish you all the best life has to offer!How did you handle adulting? Let’s talk more in the comments, shall we?


  1. I love this post, Trizah! I am 64 now and I never “handled” adulting, adulting handled me, I was helpless in that process, and can only support your advice “one day at a time”. I actually had better experiences with friends than with my family … but nice, when your siblings are also friends.


  2. Hey…weird story. So I’m scrolling twitter and I see this girl. Check out her profile theres a WordPress link. So I check it out. I like it, thoughtfull.
    Lunch on me, 0790220331.
    Oh, I’m Michael

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  3. It’s a great read. I am 23 but funny enough never been able to handle adulthood. Wish I could go back to my early childhood, no sense of responsibility. Adulthood comes with alot of responsibility, which when not handled carefully, one might burn his/ her fingers.
    It’s also great that you’ve been able to build a personal relationship with your sister. I have also had the same struggle with two of my brothers. We have an on and off relationship. We could go for a week in the same house without speaking to one another. However, blood is thicker than water, they remain family and my best friends.
    Looking forward to more interesting pieces from you


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