2020! Wheew. What a long tough ride. How did we get here in the first place? I still do not understand. It’s like a dream, a nightmare we just cant wake up from. Never in my 22 years on earth had I ever thought that I would actually live through a pandemic. Especially not one caused by bats, freaking bats!

Sure, I had read about the bubonic plague , watched a couple of movies but I never in my wildest thoughts imagine that something like that could ever happen. I even was thankful that I had not been born in the 1900’s. I thought the scary times were way back. Felt lucky too, and then boom! The Corona Virus happens.

You know, late 2019, I had so many resolutions, a million manifestations and dreams for 2020.We all did. How the new year was going to be the best, how we would achieve all of our dreams and above all, how happiness would totally be our trademark. We were to build mansions, buy big cars (for me it was a Mercedes Benz) ,get ahead in our careers, even get into relationships leading to marriage and babies. Well , not in that exact order ofcourse we have different priorities.

Early January 2020,things were not bad. Yes, personally I had heard about the corona virus in Wuhan, China and that it originated from bats but I did not really think it would get to Africa, most of all my country Kenya. I mean we are like a million miles from Asia so I guess it was normal to feel safe . Looking back ,misguided too but you cant blame me and otherss who thought so because even the so called “world tours” by the likes of ‘Beyonce’ never include or get to Africa. Im really not sure why they use the word ‘world’. I drifted a little anyway, back to the main agenda.

So come March, Kenya recorded its first case. Most of us brushed it off but as the days kept going, the more the cases increased. Schools were shut down, businesses were closed, people started working from home. Literally EVERYTHING changed. There was a new normal that we now had to get used to. As a campus student, I went home. Most of us thought it would only last for a couple of weeks, or a month maybe but oh well, we were to be surprised.

Lock down after lock down, curfew, clubs, restaurants and schools being closed. Walking around in masks and sanitizing every second. Felt like a movie. We were, still are living in area 56. So many people lost their lives, families lost their loves ones. But you see, the virus did not just affect the physical. It became mental too. It is like everyone changed. No one had been prepared for such a pandemic. Most, if not all of us, were not able to adjust to the new life.

People lost their jobs and couldnt even feed their families. Everyone was broken down and shattered ,piece by piece! Depression, stress, anxiety, panick attacks kicked in. We all know that when it becomes mental, it is really bad. You cannot escape from your mind and definetely no one can save you from yourself but you.

Hope, the one thing that keeps us going. We lost it too. Most of us turned to alcohol, opiums and other drugs for comfort. A bottle of gin was the one ‘hand’ most people could hold. Whiskey became the only shoulder we could lean and cry on. We drank ourselves to a stupor, reaching for the bottle and clinging on it for dear life like there was something at the bottom of it that could make everything better. But in the morning, when we woke up, everything was still the same. So we would do the gin all over again and numb the pain for as long as we could. Just trying to survive the year 2020. Its now 2021 and we are still doing it.

Funny enough, we thought 2021 was going to be the good year. So far, we have learned that just because its a new year doesnt mean things will change. And we are learning. Still cannot believe that nocturnals like bats are capable of so much harm! Damn.

A picture of sunflowers representing hope💕

You know what I pray for , is that we keep the HOPE alive. We are not losing hope, no matter what happens because its the only thing that will take us through the dark times. Keep safe, take care, sanitize and keep that mask on.

To be continued……………….

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