Lets talk about love babey, lets talk about you and me…we all know this song right? A really good song which brings us to todays topic my dear readers.

Honestly, today if you were to ask me if I believe in live, I wouldnt know what to say. Its like when you turn 22 ,love loses its meaning. I really think adulting takes away the ability to love and to be loved.

Nowadays, do not dare ask someone if they want to get married, thats a bad question because no one wants to be standing infront of a church and making vows to anyone because it always ends up in divorces and court wars.

It makes me sad because growing up,as a 12 year old,I thought marriage was the end game. I really wanted to (ooh ,I still want to) have a wedding on a beach with my best friend as my brides maid. With everything in my heart,I want this to come true,for me and for everyone else.

Lets go back to the time when love was true and not deceit. I want all of you to meet people who take your breaths away. Its all love in here.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk ♥️


  1. Love is never going to be easy, the journey to being with someone for the rest of your life or for a short amount of your life is hard. Quoting Jay Asher, “You can’t stop the future, you can’t rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret…is to press play.”

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    • Well you are right. I guess thats just how it will always be and thats too bad.

      Also thanks for always taking your time to read, highly appreciated♥️


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