Nowadays, I look forward to sleeping. You know why? Because I just want to dream. Most of my dreams are way better than my real life.

I know it sounds sad and pathetic. But see, I can explain. When I was younger, like 13, I had planned my entire life, written all of it down. Please, let me amuse you. My dear diary knows that by 23, I was to be a very successful published writer, married to a tall, dark good looking guy and driving a Mercedes. My diary also knows I was to have a beach house with glasses all over in Diani overlooking the Indian ocean. With a cat called ‘La gata’ and a little puppy named ‘Jamila’. Most Importantly, with 2 kids, twins, ‘Felicity’ and ‘Bruno’. Wow.

Everytime I dream, I see myself in the same wishes I had when I was younger. In there, everything is so beautiful, peaceful and happy . Wait I have to tell you this. I was afraid of telling you all but to be honest, I also had a husband in those dreams. A man, tall, handsome but not so dark. A really good guy. I’m I being weird? I’m sorry. I never see his face though, I dont know who he is but I really want to.

Do you now see why I love my dreams more? Yes you do, I think.

Im learning though, that dreams are way different from the reality because the moment you wake up , it hits you hard. Instead of sleeping more just for the dreams, I’m going to wake up and work hard so I can experience my real dreams in real life. It doesn’t matter how long it will take, I am ready to fight.

And I want you all to fight, it will be worth it in end . I promise and you can take me up on my word. It is all love.

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