“Go Easy”

So, I wrote this a year ago.

Today. I finally got the courage and oomph to actually publish it. So lets get right into it.

2020,wheew! What a long tough ride. How did we get there in the first place? I still cant figure it out, clearly. It was like a nightmare we couldn’t wake up from. Never in my 23 years on this earth did I ever thought that I would actually live through a pandemic.

Sure, I had read about the bubonic plague, watched a couple of movies about such stuff and I was grateful that I wasn’t born in the 1900’s ,then boom! The corona virus happens! Shock on me!

You know , late 2019,I had so many resolutions,manifestations and dreams for 2020. I mean, we all did! Please don’t argue with me Wanjiku. We were to achieve all our dreams with happiness as our trademark. We were to build mansions, buy big cars, get ahead in our careers and ooh, even get into those weird ass heterosexual relationships that lead to marriage and kids. Wait, all that marriage thing makes me gag though,seriously. So, scratch that beloved.

I guess what I’m saying is that the year 2020 was really bad. Things didn’t go our way. Its not anyone’s fault. Be kind to yourself! Never beat yourself up. Be easy on you and in return, the universe will be easy on you too .

I got the Inspiration to post this from Adeles new song “Easy on me!” I stan a queen!

Thanks for coming here beloved. Its all good.


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