Hi, Ok, I think this is the absolute moment we talk about how the almost ending year has been. Welcome to my world, get comfortable and don’t feel shy about getting that next glass of the exotic cocktail you having. “Waiter please, I’ll have another Mojito.”

Is it just me or has this year moved along really first? Just a few months ago was Valentines day when yall annoying love birds were all in red with roses in hand and now it is December! What? By the way, roses are so beautiful. Anyway, Christmas is around the corner, that’s cute, except for the fact that my neighbour has been playing christmas songs since November! You might actually think he was right there , next to the manger when Jesus was being born. Don’t mind him though, he is a nice guy from Mombasa and he also makes good coconut rice.

That aside, my year didn’t start out in the best way. I was struggling with a lot! The previous year, 2020 had ended badly so I did not walk into 2021 feeling optimistic at all. I had school, pending exams and my final project. Also, as a by the way, my supervisor for my school project is a total ass and he wears bow ties! How worse can it get? Ooppsy. I was having a really hard time. My relationship with my close friends wasn’t doing well. I was just there, feeling sorry for myself, crying too. Aaaew, I want to go back and hug myself so bad.

To be honest , early this year things were not looking up. I had so much pain and resentment in me. My mind kept going over all the pain inside and I realized I wasn’t doing myself any justice. I went to therapy (best decision ever) and slowly by slowly things started to change. I learnt about FORGIVENESS! Let me tell you one thing, it healed me. I let go of all the pain. I accepted apologies from people who were never sorry. I reached out to estranged friends , family too.

I learnt how to be grateful for all things in life. I might not be where I thought I would before but Im happy. My mental health is in check and that’s all I have ever wished for. I am at peace and its bliss. Sure , there are things I am still struggling with but I am very positive. I have learned the power of manifesting and confidence. I love myself very much and I am never going to beat myself down again. I am a beautiful young woman, ready to face the world.

I have been watching so many christmas movies and I like it here. I wish we had winter ,snow is beautiful,cozy. I am a total sucker for romance and intentional love. That is want I want.

I also met a guy I really like. He is a biker, very goodlooking, kind, sweet and overprotective but not in serial killer kind of way. I will let you know how it goes. Ooh, he is very funny too, his stories are hilarious!

Cheers to 2021, It has given me everything I never thought I needed. Very grateful! How was your year my beloved readers? Feel free to share and thank me and my random thoughts later.


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