You know, umm, I like to think I’m tolerant about so many things! Especially when it comes to people who enjoy bacon and have it every morning. Like how do you like bacon? No noo! Scratch that, I really do have a concern about tolerance. I wanted to ease into this topic like a seasoned comedian cum writer but I don’t think it has worked. Oops

Like I am so tired of homophobia! Like gosh! Drop that bushy behaviour wherever you got it from coz honestly, it doesn’t look good on you. Can we just live without the whispers, mean comments and side eyes? A few days ago, Sauti sols Chimano came out and I am so proud of him! This man! With a voice only violins can relate to and a fashion sense that could give fenty beauty and Rihanna a run for her money! Lets get it clear though , Riri is a babe, an entire inspiration.

Chimano! My dearest Chichi!!

Chimano! His confidence and aura is everything!

When he came out, most people had so many bad things to say. All the stupid jokes and mean things by weird ass people were fired ! Guns blazing. Sometimes I do not understand. Why does the queer community anger you so much! Baby, what are we missing? If you stuck in that closet trying to get out, its ok. Just stop projecting your anger.We understand the journey but if you are just being mean and insensitive then I’m sorry your mama didn’t hug you enough when you was little. Reach out to her instead off being an ass, maybe she has a little for you now. Whew, I am ranting now coz I am so tired of all the ” How can a man love another man” Ook, let me breathe. My yoga lessons are coming in handy now.

Its funny how most people are cool with murderers, paedophiles and frauds but apparently , they draw the line when it comes to same sex relationships! Yall are hypocrites and certified clowns! Live, and let live. Kindly, leave people alone .


Also, I am not the straightest girlie. This wasn’t a random thought. It was very intentional . Feel free to share πŸ’•

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  1. Hi, Trizah, well said, I couldn’t agree more. Live and let live! I think there are a lot of more or less secret bisexuals out there … πŸ˜‰
    And I have read that some serial killers in prison have a whole fan group of women, who want to marry them.


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