Hi baby girl. This is you at 23 years . Yeah, we have grown. I miss you , you know ummm, its 2022 now. How time flys.

I remember all of your dreams , ambitions and wishes baby girl. I still hold them to heart. I wanna talk to you, listen .

You have grown into a very beautiful young lady. Very shy,gosh. You have pretty eyes and the softest voice. I wish you could sing. Why did you never take music classes? We can fix that though. Anyway, you are in law school now, almost winding up and to be honest, campus was quite a ride.

But baby, I wanna change the conversation, lets go back, way back. I remember you wanted to grow up so fast. You wanted to be a big a big girl so you can wear hipsters? I am not judging you sis, those trousers were the thing those days and oh, that trend is back by the way. So cool.

You wanted freedom too baby , well, sure thing, you got it but only in campus when you were far from home. Haha, I got you! Mama is still uptight. She is finding it hard to understand that you are all grown now. Daddy on the other hand is tough,as usual. But very gentle. You don’t even go for night vigil but you have your ways. I cant talk about them, but I know my good sis catches the drift

Baby, you wanted to write a book so bad. You remember you were supposed to be a published author by 22? I am sorry, it has not happened yet but I am working on it. I blog, in the meantime but I promise, I will get you everything you ever wanted. I haven’t forgotten about France, the eiffel.

A lot has happened little girl. You used to watch soap operas so much and hoped you’d be in love like that. Hilarious, I found out that it doesn’t actually work like that. I’ve fallen in love a few times but it didn’t work out. Heart broken too, we call it ‘character development’ this days. We met someone though, he is the sweetest thing but don’t start searching for that wedding gown just yet.

We have wins too . We are more confident now babe. We stutter sometime but we still speak up, even when our voice shakes. Mentally, we good, anxiety is steadily subsiding. Forgiveness , you learnt that baby.

Baby, I am writing to tell you to be patient along the way. I want you to be easy on yourself and not beat yourself down. Forgive yourself. I have worked on loving us and I am almost there. I want you to always be positive, manifest. We haven’t quite achieved our dreams but I am right here riding for you, forever.

I wish I could go back in time and hug you so bad , tell you things will be ok. Keep your head up my little girl.

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